Who doesn’t want to protect their electronic device in public places like library, cafe, restaurant?

Laptop lock

Last time when you are at a coffee shop ordering your lattes or mochas, did you feel like you should not leave your computer device on the table alone, not even for a second?

But at the same time did you feel like how to protect your laptop when you get up to receive your latte?

Did you wish how nice it will be if there is some lock to tie up your device to the wooden table just like those locks for bikes?

Yes, there’s no guarantee that the laptop or smartphone or tablet will still remain in place when you are away from it for a second. There are almost 2000 laptops stolen every single day.

But don’t worry, there are smart gadgets in the marketplace always that will help you for every single problem in your life!

Today, in this blog, we are checking on the various locks for computer devices to prevent them from being stolen.

Meet this laptop lock. There’s a self-coiling cable to attach to a table leg. And a secured lock with keys to open/close. The self-coiling cable stretches up to 6 feet. Works with all tablets, smart phones, laptops, macbooks, iPad, notebooks. Made of strong twisted steel, the cable is cut resistant and 100% reliable. Protect your electronic device in public places. Simply loop your laptop around a stationary object with the cut-resistant galvanized steel chain.

This another type of laptop lock has adhesive anchor. It comes with 2 sets of adhesive sticker & anchor plate for use on multiple mobile devices, provides much needed security against theft of your various gadgets in public places, a true laptop notebook ipad lock that gives you peace of mind. Industrial grade 3M adhesive provides strong adhesive power to most flat surfaces with intense power that effectively prevents tablets or cell phones being pulled away, it’s also powerful enough to be inserted in to large notebook as laptop cable lock key.

Extremely durable & Cut-resistant galvanized steel cable with 6 feet length enables easy ipad or iphone movement while being secured. High-quality stainless-steel lock resists damage with smooth locking operation. Minimalist design ensures easy installation in seconds while highly effective and goes hand in hand with your sleek apple or android mobile display devices such as macbook locking cable, ipad air lock or samsung galaxy tab cable lock.

Broad application with all tablets, smartphones, laptops, notebooks in various occasions for both commercial and private security including public library, cafe, restaurant, shop or retail store point of sale, showroom display and much more.

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Hopefully your laptop will be safe this time! Buy these laptop locks and secure your valuable device in public places.

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