We all love cycling. But we are tired of looking for a way to hold our phone in bike while riding? And also, what if the phone runs out of battery power when you still need to use your GPS? Well, there’s a smart solution for that!

There is a Bike phone mount with charger holder, with space to hold your smartphone as well as charger, all in one design.

Bike Phone Mount With Charger Holder

It is integrated with elastic stretching for a flexible combination of portable chargers and smartphones. Perfect for long-distance ride, the 2-in-1 bike phone mount holds your smartphone and an additional portable charger to extend the battery life on the road.

It is compatible with Face ID, Touch ID, and fingerprint sensor, providing convenience while using your phone. It has been designed by nature-friendly material, protects your phone and our earth at the same time. Soft-touch silicone material absorbs bumps and protects your devices and accessories from shocks and damages.

Made of flexible silicone bands that fits most of the 4-6.5 inches smartphones securely. It’s a universal phone holder.

Adjustable quick release mounting strap fits various types of bicycle stems. No tools are required, easy to install and removes in seconds.

By charging your phone and running GPS tracking apps at the same time, you can solve the inconvenience in your daily cycling life.

Next time when you take out your bike for a ride, along with the helmet please don’t forget about your Bike Phone And Charger Holder.

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