Have you seen someone who stick their sticky notes on an entire wall and then search tediously for finding the important information for an upcoming assignment?

Have you faced yourself a cluttered desk full of papers and memos?

Note tower memo holder

Well, it’s time to clean that mess with some of the cute and awesome memo holders available in the market place. These are excellent little organizers that costs from $5 to $15. But it is worth to invest the money in these items. These memo holders can be a great gift for anyone.

If you care about your time management, then please consider getting these desk accessories which can remind you of your important assignments, dates and appointments efficiently.

In this blog post, we are going to see the following products:

  1. Note tower memo holder
  2. Monitor memo holder
  3. Animal shaped memo holder
  4. Flower pot memo holder
  5. Tree memo holder
  6. Flex clip copyholder

The first one in this category is a note tower!

As you can see from the picture, it’s a neat tower with so many slots to hold a full-sized paper or sticky notes or photos. Dual page in-line display for fast typing. Displays 2 pages at once & doubles your paper referencing. Easy one-hand paper loading that boosts your productivity. You can work faster with the quick interchange of documents. Reduces eye and neck strain. Displays multiple documents, notes and photos right where you need them. Compact and light weight organizer. Clever flexible clips, light weight folding arms & compact tower design. Grips to desk easily, can be repositioned and won’t leave mark on your desk as it is fitted with Innovative grip pads.

Second product is Monitor Memo holder!

It is used to organize memos in a very convenient manner. Monitor memo board can organize meeting memos, making schedule for you. You just need to stick the item to the monitor side and put the sticky notes on it, then this memo board will remind you about your schedules. The clip design at the top is able to put some paper which cannot be stick. 3M sticker is used. Easy to install and remove, would not leave sticky marks. It’s clear and transparent board. A message pad has super wide design at the bottom allows you to put some thick things, such as mobile phone. It can act as a phone holder. You can watch both the computer screen and the phone at the same time. Computer monitor note holder has a special hole design for mobile phone, you can connect to the power supply through the hole to charge the phone

Third product is Animal shaped memo holder!

These are so cute and functional at the same time. It’s a good assistant. Record anything important at any time, so that you won’t miss it. Multifunctional Memo and Pens holder. Its back can accommodate a note pad of two hundred pages; moreover, it can serve as a good pen container, simultaneously able to clamp note messages easily and show to others. Next time you don’t have to search for a pen to write on the memo. It can make your desktop more fashionable and attractive. Comfortable and delicate to touch, easy to clean. Made from high-end materials and good in quality. You can put your pens, clips, erasers and other small things into this memo holder.

Fourth product in this category is flower pot memo holder:

This memo holder or photo clip is spring-loaded and can swing left and right, increasing its interest. You can use them to display polaroid camera photos, business cards, table numbers, post cards, desk notes and place cards. They are so useful!

Fifth product that we are going to discuss next is this cute family tree branch memo holder.

Display all your favorite mementos. This freestanding desktop photo tree can hold 8 photos, artwork, notes, postcards or memos. Tree style is attractive. This tabletop picture stand and photo holder has a tree shape, allowing items to be displayed in 180 degrees. Very durable as it is made of plated stainless steel. These are great for events too. Display photos in a unique fashion at milestone occasions like weddings, birthdays, showers as well as using in home or office with limited space.

Last but not least is this flex clip copyholder. Very simple and efficient design. This clips onto the monitor of a desktop or laptop and reminds you of the important date information. This is another elegant way of clipping sticky note and helping us to be reminded of some important appointments.

Flex clip copyholder

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. So, there are plenty of ways to organize your sticky note information. Why not buy these cute desk accessories and organize your desk and manage your time efficiently?

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