Are you always over-stressed? Looking for some easy non-medicinal remedy for your overwhelming stress? Then look no further than a good night sleep. A healthy dose of good sleep will refresh your mind and body more than any medicine.

But not all are lucky to sleep like a baby as soon as they are on bed pillows. Many people struggle to get even a basic daily good dose of sleep.   

Weighted Blanket

Have you ever tried a Weighted Blanket? If not, you could have this weighted blanket and try sleeping with that one day. Many have accepted this weighted blanket gives comfort and helps them to come out of their stress and sleep cozily. It may look like a normal blanket but when you touch it you can see the difference in weight!  

Let’s quickly see why stress happens before explaining about Weighted Blanket. Broken heart, it happens because of so many stressful events in one’s life. But most of all, the most common and main reason seems to be missing someone in life.

Even though there are many reasons on how they end up missing that special person we are going to see the stress, the trauma, of a broken heart due to love failures, divorce, serious illness or job loss.

According to a research, breakups are 80% of the reason for emotional pain and eventually leading to many addictions in society. Remaining 20% are due to job-related and money-related reasons. These statistics about stress and more related stress coping techniques are neatly given in my book called Because You Deserve Happiness. It’s a simple book with simple solutions for stress coping skills. Please read this book when you find time, it’s worth it. It’s available only at

Teenagers particularly suffer from heavy stress compared to others. It may sound silly to recommend this weighted blanket for their stress, but it helps. I have seen few teenagers in my personal life who have agreed that they had a good sleep after buying this blanket. This blanket cuddles up the person and gives the coziness of a hug just like given by your loved ones according to them.  

There are some weight limits for this blanket. To choose a size for 1 adult, take 10% of your body weight, then add 1 lb. For example, if your body weight is 140 lbs, make a calculation of 10% of it, which is 14 and then add 1, there you have 15 lb is your weighted blanket weight. This is just a rough calculation to give you a guess. But if you can handle more weight then you can go even for 20 lbs weighted blanket for this body weight. But please make sure that you are not covering your face while sleeping as obviously it will be difficult for air circulation inside the blanket.

Use This Weighted Blanket on its own or with a Duvet Cover; Great Gift for Every Age.

A good quality weighted blanket offers a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night of sleep; great calming sensory blanket for adults and children to help decompress and provide comfort.

Hope you are checking my website daily for more interesting products in market place. Simple day-to-day practical solutions are discussed in my blog by me. Because you deserve happiness!

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Don’t stress over what you can’t contol.

Enjoy life’s little things.