There were many times in our life when we wanted to read something, feeling so, only when we are about to go to bed!

But then we will be worried about disturbing someone else sleeping near our bed. For example, in a college dorm room, with that tiny little space having multiple beds of roommates, reading on bed activity is cumbersome.

Before reading this page further, click the image below and check out this light’s details:

Clip on light for bed headboards

That is when this tiny little gadget comes in handy. This clip-on light can give enough light for you alone and can save your roommate’s sleep.

This light is not only for bed headboards, but can be used on study desks, tables and computers. You can clip this on almost anything.

This sturdy clip-on light reading lamp provides a comfortable lighting environment for the eyes, it’s stable and soft lighting avoids shining light stimulation and flicker interference.

There are 2 switches on the cord. One of those switches has three options: Warm light, switch off and White light. The other switch has two options to adjust the brightness: dim and bright. A 2-prong USB AC adapter and 5 feet cord are provided to support the clip-on light. FCC listed quality saves your worry. Can be used with normal 110V household current. Free Angle Adjustable arm and lamp holder, place your book light for best viewing.

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Thank you for reading my blog! Happy Reading at night!