I always wanted a flowering tree in our front yard. When I see beautiful Magnolia, Cherry, Dogwood flowers in the front yards of our neighborhood, I nag myself to get one flowering tree for my home.

Honeycrisp apples

Finally, this year spring, few weeks back, I bought a tree for our yard. It’s not only a flowering tree but a fruit tree too!

My first apple tree

Yes, I bought an apple fruit tree from one of the plant nurseries in my area. I saw some apple trees for sale in Home Depot store too, but the price was comparatively less in the nursery center. So, I went ahead and bought the beautifully branched “honeycrisp” variety apple tree.

I was so excited and, in a hurry, to plant it. On the same day when I brought the tree to home, I was digging a huge hole in the ground to accommodate that five-gallon tree pot. Sprinkled some fruit tree food and planted the tree successfully. Watered down a gallon of water!

I was super happy about the process. With all the pride that I too have a flowering and fruit tree, I put a lawn chair in the front yard and started enjoying the beauty of the tree by sitting in the chair.

Few days went by, there came the bad news from my neighbor. She’s a very good person and very caring, humble lady. I respect her a lot. But what she said about my fruit tree shook me to ground. She said that according to the state’s rule, fruit trees should not be planted in the front yards!!

I was totally disappointed and devastated! Now, I’m planning to dig the tree out from the hole in the front yard and looking for a nice place to put it in our backyard!!!

If people are doubting how far you can go,

go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.