Have you seen the Boston Dynamics video of cute dancing robots? Scroll down and watch this adorable video.

Who is your favorite dancing robot of all the three, Atlas or Handle or the cute little Spot? My favorite is Spot!

Dancing robots Atlas, Handle and Spot

Well, the video has been watched by many millions all over the world. So, you must have watched it by now. But if you have not watched it yet, don’t worry. I have given the link of that youtube video here below:

Dancing robots for Do you love me song

The choreography done by Monica Thomas is very impressive.

According to Saunders, the VP of Engineering of Boston Dynamics; the core challenge was adjusting the human dance moves so that they could be performed on the robot.

Some of the spinning turns in the ballet dance parts took more iterations to get to work, challenged the machine and the software in new ways.

Dancing required a lot of strength and speed, so some of the hardware of these robots has been upgraded to give it more power.

These dancing robots show us how cute robots can be and what its capabilities and limitations are. Enjoy the dancing robots video with a warm cup of coffee!

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