I love making flatbreads, rotis and tortillas from scratch. If you are like me, you too need a good electric tortilla maker or a cast iron tortilla press.

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But if you hesitate to make the dough by squishing with hands, there’s an option for that too.

Electric tortilla maker

You can use a good food processor that comes with an attachment which makes dough easily in 2 minutes. Even if it’s expensive, investing in a good food processor like the Cuisinart 8 cup food processor is a smart decision. Use the dough blade attachment of the food processor to make soft dough in just few minutes for tortillas or rotis or flatbreads.

Entire tortilla making process takes just 15 minutes when you use both the food processor and the electric tortilla maker.

Electric tortilla maker is easier than a tortilla press. It flattens and bakes 10-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads within minutes.

It’s made of Heavy Weight aluminum, non-stick Coated cooking plates that can distribute heat evenly for uniform baking.

You can easily make authentic homemade tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, or gyros in few minutes.

Effortless cleanup, just wipe clean. It comes with ready light and convenient cord wrap. It conveniently stores upright in a shelf.

If you’re using all-purpose flour to make a tortilla or flatbread, avoid shrinkage by letting your dough rest before cooking.

This is another smart product that will make your life easier and organized.

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