Next time, when you reach out to the beach chairs or picnic chairs, think of this alternative oversized beach blanket. It can neatly accommodate 4 to 6 adults!

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Do you like going to beach but would prefer to sit and relax without touching the sand!!! Weird, right!! But trust me! some people prefer to sit in the blanket without touching the sand or water!!

Did you face a situation where you have to take several small beach towels for the entire family to sit on the sand or carry heavy beach chairs for each one in the family?

Are you a picnic person? Do you like spending your picnic with a large group of family members?

Then you could buy this oversized beach blanket and save your time of carrying big chairs.

Oversized beach blanket

These beach blankets are oversized & lightweight. It comes in the sizes of 80 by 80 inches or 10 by 9 feet, super large, it can easily accommodate 4-6 adults.

These sandproof and waterproof beach blankets are lightweight. After playing in the beach water, you can sit comfortably in this blanket and let yourself dry. It can be folded into an attached carrying bag easily and quickly, so you can take it anywhere.

This beach blanket is made of quick-drying, breathable and tear-proof nylon material. The smooth and soft material allows sand, dirt and water to slide down when being splashed. This beach blanket will dry quickly. Outdoor beach blankets are durable for many years.

It comes with 4 anchor stakes that can fix corners of this beach blanket in to the beach sand.

So, next time when you reach out to the beach chairs, think of this alternative oversized beach blanket. You can but it from clicking this link below:

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