Here is a beautiful and useful stand that can charge 3 different Apple devices at one place. It’s compatible with all iPhones, iWatch series and AirPods. Scroll down this page for more info on this smart product and check out the link to buy it, if you want it.

Apple devices charging stand

Nice neat solution for anyone who owns one or more Apple products. This stand is great looking as well as very functional too.

Wake up everyday with all the devices fully charged beautifully, without the mess of cords everywhere. I would say it’s a must-have if you are an Apple fan!

The unit is fully adjustable, it fits with the case and the pop-socket on the back already attached. The method to keep the Apple watch from sliding down is a great design.

The cable management is superlative, which is another big plus. It all comes apart and stores flat for travel and reassembly is very easy.

It’s made of metal and solid with rubber on the bottom to keep the base from sliding around.

The phone’s back plate slides to accommodate even with case or without phone case, so if you are using a bigger case like an Otterbox, or the device is without the case, you can adjust the back plate to secure your phone nicely.

This stand does not come with cables or a power source but it will work with whatever you are using currently, so you won’t need to go out and buy special cables or a power supply.

You can get this charging stand by clicking this link below:

Thank you for reading this blog. Hope this charging stand is useful for you.

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