Wonderful way to make your room fragrant without lighting candles or incense sticks.

This aromatherapy device uses essential oils. It has a large tank where water is poured and few drops of essential oils are added into that water inside the tank. Plug in and switch on. That’s it, within minutes your entire room will be like a garden of fragrant flowers. Some diffusers comes with a large 500ml water tank. So, you don’t have to wake up in the middle of night for refilling it.

There are so many varieties of essential oils ranging from Lavender to Cedarwood scents, both for women and men.

This essential oil set can be a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Besides from being an aromatherapy device, these diffusers act as a humidifier too thus protecting your room from extreme dry air.

These diffusers come with auto-off switch thus helping prevent overheating when water is empty in the tank.

Some diffuser varieties come with colorful light modes thus acting as a night light for your room.

Try this aromatherapy device today!