In all nooks and corners, of various countries and states, there is always a group of excelling actors in cinema. Honestly, even though those actors are friendly with each other but the hard truth is that their fans think that they are rivals by birth.

So, “Who is a superstar?”

In western world, the term superstar means someone most popular and a great hero. Someone just like excelling actors and sports stars and other field heroes are mentioned as superstars.

But in eastern side, particularly in India, there is only one person called superstar. He is the popular tamizh language movie actor Mr.Rajinikanth shortly known as Rajini. In general, no one else is assumed to be called as a superstar other than him. Honestly, of course, he earned that title by his years and years of hardwork in cinema, so we can’t blame him either. His rival actor is Mr.Kamalhassan.

Superstar Rajinikanth photo

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While reading this article, some of the fans won’t agree with me already that Rajini is the only superstar. Because they think he is old now and so other young actors should be given that title.

There are so many movie lovers in India, as cinema is one of the most profitable revenue systems there. Cinema is heart and soul for many fans out there.

So, now comes the next controversial question “Who is the next superstar?”

There have been hundreds of polls conducted by various media outlets, to find out the next superstar of tamizh cinema. But the result has always been in vain. When one actor is crowned as next superstar, the other fans sector becomes upset naturally!!

The next successors to Rajini & Kamal is Mr.Vijay and Mr.Ajith. Vijay is fondly called as thalapathy and Ajith is called thala by their millions of fans.

I’m neither a hater nor a fan of Vijay or Ajith! So, I’m not going to discuss either of them here today. So, I’m jumping on to the next-next successor level.

Mr.Sivakarthikeyan and Mr.VijaySethupathi, these are the next set of two rival actors. They are in their initial but popular stages in cinema world. They are much younger than Vijay and Ajith. Both SK and VJS have different styles of acting and personalities. Vijaysethupathi is fondly called as makkal-selvan and shortly known as VJS.


Sivakarthikeyan is fondly called as Prince and shortly known as SK. He has told many times to media and to people that he never wants to be called as next superstar. He added that he always wants to just act his style of cinema and have his own place in this huge cinema world. How humble and nice of him…


Sivakarthikeyan has sculpted himself as an actor, producer, singer and lyricist of cinemas. He is very popular among audience, loved by kids everywhere. He proved that a TV star can become a successful actor in cinema. He is a positive inspiration for so many millions all over the world.


SK has given so many motivational speeches for his fans/followers. Those speeches have become popular quotes. My all-time favorite quote told by him is “Keep your parents happy; your life will be the happiest.” Yes, what he said is 100% true! You can’t build an empire on your parents’ sufferings.


People adore not only his pleasant spectacular smile, or his handsome looks but also adore his humble character. He’s a hardworking genuine human being who cares for the society and for his fans all the time. He refers his fans as “brothers and sisters,” and he means that by heart. His fans are being fondly known as Skians. He treats his family, friends and fans equally important.


Sivakarthikeyan loves his friends extremely. Kalai Arasu is very close friend of SK. Navaneethan is so sweet, kind and genuine friend of SK. Anand is another gem. As a token of love for his close buddy Arunraja Kamaraj, SK went to the extent of making him as the director for a film called Kanaa and SK himself produced it. And made his another friend Dhibu as the music director of Kanaa. And made Darshan as the hero of Kanaa. Arunraja, Darshan and Dhibu are extremely humble and wonderful persons. Not only them, all the other friends of SK are very very nice just like SK. Music director Anirudh is the best friend of SK. SK has friends everywhere in all sectors of cinema and he cares about each and everyone equally.

Sivakarthikeyan with his friends photo


The good deeds SK has done at this young age is enormous. He has helped so many needy students to study and achieve their dreams, by taking their entire educational expenditures on his behalf. He has made several heavy donations to the society, to the government of tamilnadu state whenever there was a need for help.


SK has made sincere decision on not to act in advertisements of sponsoring any products. Because he believes it’s like almost cheating the people by recommending a product which he is not using it! He has made his position strong on avoiding junk foods. He even showcased this topic in his movies too.


SK has also adopted a tiger in a zoo for a particular time frame. He took over all the spending for taking care of that tiger, thus showing his care for animals too.


Even in a small gathering of any business meeting party, one can feel the pressure from peers to drink alcohol. In which case, it’s not easy to be a teetotaler in cinema industry, isn’t it? But SK is a teetotaler, always. SK never drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes despite having a career in the most social arena. General audience are astonished and very proud of him for this particular noble feature.


SK loves and respects his mom very much. He adores and salutes his brave police dad (who sacrificed his life for the people.) His single mother brought him up in a very well manner and made him as a perfect role model for all youngsters across the nations. Hats off to his mom. His lovely wife Aarthy is his pillar of support. His adorable daughter is Aaradhana, I fondly call her as Laddu Kutty, she is very talented young girl just like her superlative dad. His elder sister is the one who took the family in right path after his dad’s demise. He always says that sister is like a father-figure for him. SK loves his family first more than anything in the world. He is a huge example for a perfect gentleman.


SK always forgives people, forgives even those who has harmed him in the past and becomes friendly with them. He never had ego. He always responds to his fans and other twitter users. He likes and retweets fans tweets and thus interacts with them without the celebrity ego. SK never hesitates to wear the same shirts again and again. That’s so nice of him to be this much humble and live a simple life just like any other common human being. He leads a simple life without having the celebrity ego, that’s the specialty of him. Some other celebrities in cinema circle are full of ego. They think they are above all as they are cinema celebrities. But Sivakarthikeyan is a gem of a person.


SK has won so many awards and nominations for his 18 movies total up to date, with 4 more movies coming soon. He is very talented and hardworking. He’s a great actor, dancer, singer, lyricist and a wonderful producer. Only “direction” is being left out so far and hopefully he will take director avatar too in the future soon. Recently, he has been awarded as the great entertainer of the decade. Very proud moment for all his fans.

Become a Sivakarthikeyan fan, you will be very proud of yourself and you will never regret that decision in life ever……More than a fan, I see Sivakarthikeyan as a brother of me. I’m proud of that…..

Sivakarthikeyan Entertainer of the decade award photo


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I’m giving this much focus for Sivakarthikeyan alone and not for other actors in this blog, why? Because I honestly believe he’s the real prince next to the king Rajini. He is the only one who has the same style, same physical looks, same general audience, same kind of kids love, as well as the same helping-character just like Superstar Rajinikanth. By that, I have answered the controversial question!

Thank you for taking time and reading this long blog entirely. We can differ in opinions. You can send in your arguments by typing the comments in this section. Or you can reach me through the contact form for sharing your opinion with me. I welcome a healthy debate on my conclusion.


YOUR LIFE WILL BE THE HAPPIEST – by Sivakarthikeyan.