Whether you are looking for a bird’s-eye view of breathtaking landscapes or a great photo for social media, buying a drone is the cheapest way to take to the skies. The only challenge is figuring out which one to get!

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You may think of drones as expensive, complicated machines used only for spying. And they used to be so, but the world has changed and the drones have gone mainstream. 

Want to fly a drone without having to worry about losing signal, crashing into the neighbor’s house or rage about lousy controls?

When deciding which drone to buy, it’s important to figure out what you intend to use it for. You want to focus on shooting photographs and videos, then the drone needs to have a good quality HD camera, battery life, good price and ease-of-use. Give importance for flight range and flight time also.

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Core components of any drone is the quality of the camera which is paramount when determining the worthiness of a particular drone model.

Before you decide to purchase a drone, it’s crucial that you acquaint yourself with drone regulations in the US. You have to register with the US Federal Aviation Administration. There are some age restrictions and drone weight restrictions. After registering, you receive a certificate and are expected to label your drone with your registration number.

Toy Drones: Millions of these machines are sold and they are somewhat disposable. They are used as pilot trainers and for fun and indoor/backyard flying. In general, the prices run from $50 to $100.

Racing Drones: These tend to be mid-sized machines with cameras designed to give the operator a “drone view”. Many operators use headgear goggles to get a real feeling of flying. They cost from upwards $100+.

AP Drones: Aerial photography drones are, by far, the largest part of the market by revenue. They are GPS stabilized and fully featured and can take videos and pictures of impressive quality. AP drones often function as “crossovers” into light commercial uses such as roof inspections, public safety. You may have heard of DJI, an innovative Chinese company that currently has the largest share of this particular market segment. Prices for the models range from $400 to $1400+. 

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If you want to get your kid out of that video game and into the wild outdoor adventures, drones are one of the most engaging and fun activities for a new generation of pilots. Aside from being entertaining, the devices also teach children about programming, photography and electronics.

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The best cheap drone with camera is the Eachine E511S and the Altair AA108
The cheapest beginner drones are usually toy drones like the Ryze Tello, which costs $50+
The best aerial photography drone is the DJI Mavic Air. Its high-quality camera, controller and the ability to use hand gesture commands, make photography a truly excellent experience.
The best drones for beginners are DJI Mavic Air, DJI Mini 2, Potensic D85, or the Parrot Mambo FVP or the Parrot Anafi
The best drone in 2021: DJI Air 2S


DJI Air 2S drone photo