It’s an easier way to make your house smell great like a paradise for many weeks upto 30 days non-stop! It’s a great air freshener for any room in your lovely house. It is the super fragrant and super convenient wallflowers from the Bath & Body Works store.

Succulent design wallflower plug with refill photo

Plug the wallflower fragrance-plug unit into the wall. Insert the refills and enjoy being in the garden of fragrant flowers. Noticeable fragrance that pertains for weeks and weeks. Up to 30 days of effortless scent that greets you and your guests with pure happiness.

There are hundreds of varieties of scents. You can choose from floral to clean scent….

Fragrance is the best way to experience the seasons. Cookies for Christmas, tropicals for spring, pumpkins for fall….

There are so many reasons to love Bath & Body Works Wallflowers.

Different plug designs of wallflowers photo

Your home’s scent says a lot about you. With basically endless choices from fresh, floral, fruity, sweet, clean, to everything in between, these wallflowers are extremely useful and very easy to plug in.

From cute to chic to whimsical to seasonal, their wallflowers plugs come in all shapes, sizes, styles.

More than plugs, they’re fashion accessories. Christmas trees, American flags, mermaids, succulents……So, whether you’re looking for one that blends in…or one that becomes the talk of the room, it’s there.

They have nightlight plug ins too. Hallways, bathrooms, kids rooms…fill them with fragrance and brighten them up with an additional bonus nightlight plugs which gives off a continuous glow, so there’s no need to flip a switch.

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