Do you have unexplainable amount of consistent leg cramps or pain in the limbs or headaches or general muscle weakness, then please check with doctor to see if you have Vitamin D deficiency.

But don’t worry, vitamin D deficiency is very common particularly during winter season and particularly in places where there is little sun around.    

Sunlight photo

Symptoms of vit D deficiency are muscle pain, hair loss, bone loss, depression, back pain, fatigue and tiredness, getting sick often.

Studies shows that there’s a link between these two; depression and Vitamin D deficiency. But it’s not sure which one is the culprit here, whether lack of vit D that leads to depression or this depression leads to vit D deficiency. Researches are on-going. In general, higher levels of anxiety is associated with lower levels of vitamin D.

The body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Natural sources of vitamin D are fish and fish oils, egg yolks and fortified milk.

Fruits like bananas activates vitamin D in body as they are great source of magnesium. Similarly pumpkin seeds which has higher magnesium levels can help increase your vit D. Cod liver oil (fish oil) is also a good source. But please do consult with your physician before taking supplements.

You can’t get enough Vit D from foods alone, you need the Sun. Yes, don’t shun the sun. Vitamin D is often referred as the sunshine vitamin. Have a good walk for 30 minutes in sun every single day during warmer months.

But if you don’t spend much time in Sun, consult a doctor if you can have supplements at least.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone. Every single cell in your body has a receptor for vit D. Your body makes vit D from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

Next time when you get the chance to spend outside, please do not hesitate. Help yourself by being in sunlight for atleast 15 minutes a day, to get enough vit D in your body.

Hope this article helps in giving intro to this topic! Thank you for reading!