Over the past decades, hand sanitizers have become very popular in the healthcare world and among public.

But hand washing with soap cannot be replaced by hand sanitizer uses. When your hands are visibly dirty, washing your hands with a good powerful soap is recommended to wipe away all types of germs, bacteria….

But when there’s no availability of hand washing nearby for you, the best to-go method is hand sanitizing. Use a good alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Especially during this corona pandemic time, it is wise to carry a hand sanitizer always with you. And gift one for kids particularly. Attach it to their school backpacks or lunch bags. So, they can clean their hands often.

Moreover, you can’t carry a huge bottle of hand sanitizer all the time around inside your purse or handbag. That’s when a handy pocket hand sanitizer holder is useful.

Gone are the days when you had the rubbery stretchy cheap leaky hand sanitizer holders.

Nowadays the hand sanitizer holders are very fashionable. They are made of neoprene material and comes in various designs from floral patterns to marble designs.

The set comes with an empty plastic travel bottle that will fit inside the neoprene pouch. So, you have to just fill the empty travel bottle with your favorite hand sanitizer and insert it inside the pouch. And attach it to your bags using the keychain rings in the pouch. There is also something called Chapstick or lipstick holders too.

As a bonus, some amazon sellers like thebooknile are so nice that they are selling a set full of 4 items in it like Chapstick holder, hand sanitizer holder, wristlet lanyard, and empty travel bottle……all for just $7.99

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