This spice “Clove” has very special properties but little less popular than other spices. So, many people don’t know the many benefits of this all-rounder spice. This is available in all grocery stores, but if you want it for less price then buy it from an Asian Indian grocery store. They have a huge 1-pound packet for just 3 dollars!

In short, this clove spice cures skin problems, mouth problems, chest congestions, sore throat problems, cold and flu symptoms, severe headaches, stress and also helps in weight loss.

Recipe of how to make clove tea:

1 tablespoon of cloves

2 cups of water

Optional ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger, orange slices, honey

Crush the cloves in a mortar/pestle, don’t grind it to a powder but just do it coarsely.

Mix it with water.

Boil and steep the water for 20 to 30 minutes.

If you want you can add honey and drink this tea

Also, if you want you can add cinnamon slices or cinnamon powder and ginger slices or dry ginger powder to the water along with crushed cloves and then boil steep the water.

Filter the water, add some honey and enjoy your clove tea.

The antibacterial properties in cloves, can reduce such skin problems like acne. The anti-inflammatory extracts present in cloves gradually lessen the redness and swelling of acne.

Clove extracts imitate insulin in certain ways, from controlling blood sugar levels to regulating circulation blood in our body, cloves are used in varieties of illnesses such as diabetes.

Cloves stimulate the production of white blood cells in our body. There have been events and incidents in Ayurvedic medicine, where cloves are described as an effective spice in developing the better immunity system of the body.

As per Ayurveda medicine, consuming clove tea will lessen or prevent cold and flu. If you are worried with these common health issues in winters, start consuming clove tea. Moreover, it fights against germs and alleviates sore throat symptoms.

Try cloves for instant relief from severe headaches. You can make a paste of a few clove buds and mix it with little bit of rock salt. Then add in a glass of milk. This mixture will gradually reduce headache.

Cloves have antioxidants that help in fighting free radical damage to the body and boost our immune system. Cloves also have antiseptic, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties that keep common infections, cold, and cough at bay. Drinking this tea will help you improve your digestion. Healthy digestion will help you lose weight quickly. 

This drink also helps boost your metabolic rate which further helps in weight loss. If you suffer from gum or tooth pain then having clove tea is good for you. Clove has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling of gums and provide relief from toothache. Drinking clove tea helps you remove all bacteria from your mouth. 

Clove tea is also a healthy beverage for those suffering from chest congestion or sinus. Cloves have eugenol which helps in clearing phlegm. Cloves have vitamin E and vitamin K which help in fighting bacterial infection. It helps in lowering down the temperature of your body. 

Clove tea helps in clearing harmful toxins from your body which can lead to different skin problems. Drinking clove tea helps you heal your wounds, skin problems, and fungal infections. Cloves have anti-cancer agents present in it and drinking this tea helps you fight against the disease. It is believed that drinking cold clove tea helps in getting relief from chronic arthritis. Prepare your clove tea and refrigerate for a few minutes and then drink to reduce joint pain and swelling. According to a study, drinking clove tea also helps in reducing stress. 

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