I was there in a drive-in covid vaccine clinic today in my state. What I saw made me write this blog today!

More than usual, today there was a huge heavy crowd in the clinic. Early in the morning itself all the lanes were filled and jam packed.

There were many kids in the cars, particularly teenagers. I’m thinking most of the 12+ years olds have come for vaccinating as the US government recently announced that Pfizer vaccine is available for ages 12+ years upto older teens.

For my example & statistics, I pointed one car and noticed it’s sailing through the crowd. I followed that car and checked how long it took for the passenger in that car to get to vaccine point. It took almost 2 hours for that one car to go from the entrance all the way to the vaccine point. But what was astonishing is the patience level of patients today. No one complained, no one threw any tantrums about the waiting time. But everyone was patiently waiting and putting covid vaccines.

I was really proud of them all Americans for their level of maturity, responsibility and generosity for each other.

I only could wish that other countries could see this and learn to be socially responsible and get vaccinated and defeat this corona!