Many people have jobs that need relocating frequently, which is a tedious routine. On top of that, finding a new home (for rent or to buy) to settle is even stressful when you move from one state to other often. 

There are some ways to find a home in a nice neighborhood quickly. Today, I want to share those tips with you all. Hope it helps someone somewhere moving from state to state within United States. But these tips can be used for any country, only thing is the website will be different for your specific place.

Two websites is all you need. One is google maps and the other one is best schools finder website.

  1. First, go to google maps or any other maps website that you prefer.
  2. Search for your office address.
  3. Know the approximate area where you are going to work daily.
  4. Then look for the towns near by.
  5. Next, search for big stores like Target or Home depot or Malls or Macys.
  6. The cities where these stores are the ones with good family background areas in general.
  7. Want to know where kids friendly place are, search for toysrus/babiesrus stores and such like that.
  8. Similarly, where Whole Foods market store means that city has high population of rich people. 
  9. Once you have figured it out the district where these stores are, next go to school finder websites like greatschools. org  etc.,
  10. In greatschools website, put a search for the district that you just found in google maps.
  11. Check the ratings of the schools in that particular district.
  12. Decide on which school you want your kids to be in.
  13. Then go back to google maps and find out the area where that particular school is within that district by using the school’s zipcode.
  14. Now you can go to realtor websites like Zillow. com or other real estate websites.
  15. Search for houses you want to buy or rent by typing the zipcode of that school area you wanted to be in.

Great! Now you have successfully pin pointed and decided where your next home is going to be!

Thank you for reading!