Not only when the guests arrive but also during our regular days, it will be so good if the home smells great.

A nice freshly smelling house will alleviate our mood and gives happiness in general.

So, let’s see the simple ways to make your entire home smell fragrant.

The following tricks will definitely make your home smell amazing.

  • Vanilla extract
  • Cotton ball trick
  • Bath and body works store candles
  • Mrs Meyers spray room freshener
  • Diffusers
  • Dryer sheets
  • Incense sticks
  • Wallflowers

Vanilla extract:

Take a pan, fill it with water and then add few drops of vanilla extract to it.

Switch on the stove and keep this pan on the stove. Let it boil.

If you do this by the time your guests arrive to your home, a nice fresh cake baking smell will be surrounding your home.

If you don’t want to do it on the stove, you can do it in the oven too.

Take an oven proof bowl, fill with some water and add vanilla extract drops. That’s it, you will welcome your guests to a house full of fragrance.

Along with vanilla extract drops, you can also add some cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder to the water. It also smells wonderful like a bakery.

Cotton ball trick:

Always buy some essential oils and keep it in your house.

Take a cotton ball, sprinkle it with your favorite essential oils.

Put this cotton ball inside the trash can (waste bin).

This will prevent the trash can from smelling bad.

You can also put this cotton balls in nooks and corners of rooms inside your home.

Bath and body works store candles:

The best smelling candles are the ones from Bath and Body Works store. You can find this store inside almost all the malls in the country.

Their candles are the best. It lasts long and it smells so fragrant. It comes in various scents. You should definitely try one if you have not. Buy these candles during seasons like Autumn/Fall season in October or the Christmas season in December, when the prices of these candles will be reduced in half.

Mrs Meyers spray room freshener:

This is the go-to spray of all the cleaning companies. It smells so good when sprayed on any surfaces. You can spray it on your sofa and on your bedsheets or directly on the air. It’s very cheap but smells extraordinarily fragrant.


I have already discussed a blogpost on diffusers, so plese check this link Diffusers and essential oils.

Dryer sheets:

You can put the scented dryer sheets (Bounce or Downy) on top of a fan or vents. A constant beautiful smell will fill the air.

You can also rub the sofas and toss pillows with these dryer sheets, it will smell great like as if the sofa went inside the washing machine!!

Incense sticks:

It’s the least favorite for all. Mainly because incense sticks are widely used by smokers to hide the smoking smell in their homes. So, people generally avoid incense sticks.

But I really love the smell of these incense sticks. I buy them in bulk from Asian Indian stores. They have various scents.


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These are the simple ways that I know to make a home smell amazing! If you know any other ways, please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for reading!