Car phone mounts. This gadget is one of the must-haves in car nowadays. Almost everyone is having this car phone mount. Remember those old days when we used to have heavy sacks to put on the car dashboard to hold those heavy GPS devices. Gone are those days as now almost all the phones are with GPS facility. So, now we need a sleek holder for mounting the sleek phones.

There are many varieties of car phone mounts. Let’s discuss which is the strongest of all, well at least in my opinion, as I have tried these different varieties in my car.

Magnetic car phone mount:

These mounts have large built-in magnets that can hold up to 8.0lb cellphones. It has something called “Curve design” which allows you to view your phone without blocking of road sight but also provide maximum stability and let you drive home safely. It’s great for not taking your eyes down and off the road and it is solving the market’s common problems of blocking sight from dashboard. 

The disadvantage is even though the strong magnets hold phones, but not so on a bumpy road. It falls off when you are not on a smooth surface road.

Dashboard-clip car phone mount:

It has a nice 360 Degree rotation, can easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens at your will. It’s special features are curved base design, made with a soft,non-slip silicon pad. The phone holder can be attached to the car dashboard curved surface, which is exactly above the steering wheel. And they say it firmly holds your phone in order to prevent them from scratching and dropping, but in my opinion, it falls off too.

Side-arms car phone mount:

These car phone mounts comes with super wide side arms to hold the phone firmly. It has one-click system that enables you to release or lock your phone with just one hand and the swivel ball allows the clamp 360°free rotations to your desired viewing angle.

The disadvantage is due to the flexible nature of the gel, some discoloration or residue may be left depending on the type of surface that it is mounted on. Please note, most likely it will not work on leather/ vinyl dashboards.

Auto-clamping car phone mount with wireless charger:

It also acts as a wireless charger with automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated by one hand and make everything easier. Just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and catch your phone firmly. A gentle touch on any sides of the quick release buttons, the arms would automatically open.

The disadvantage is that the auto opening and clamping is too sensible. Any movement of the hands near the phone may make the clamp auto open without your recognition and the phone falls off many times. Also, the charging is very slow.

Vent-clip car phone mount:

This car phone mount holder clamps or hooks to the air vents on your car dashboard. No matter how much they say it holds your phone strongly, personally it fell off every time I cross this bumpy road in my area.

So, to conclude, car phone mounts with side-arms to hold the phones are better. Because they hold the phone firmly on any bumpy road. The suction cups are super strong so it never comes off that easily.

Thank you for reading!