Let’s see some of the creative gifts to give to your girlfriend, wife, mom, grandma and your beloved ones on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Anniversary, Marriage Proposals, New Year’s Day, Birthday, Graduation or holiday party gift for girls!

Preserved Real Rose Drawer with Heart Necklace

Handmade Real Rose Flower. Preserved rose symbolizes eternal true love, your harmonious family and faithful friendship. Forever rose is made from real fresh roses with at least 30 petals! There is a small drawer with a special golden heart-shaped “I love you” necklace in 100 languages. You can use a magnifying lens to see the I Love You messages encrypted in the necklace. It can also store other jewelry or rings.

Galaxy Flower Rose Gift

The roses are perfectly and eternally stored in a Glass Dome, the Glass Dome is made of glass, which is more transparent and without impurities. The base is made of black wood, which is stable and smooth surface. Both glass and wood base are easy to clean. Glass dome rose also would look amazing as a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom. The Rose in glass dome is wrapped around string lights, which is powered by 3 AAA power battery. It’s a bright warm white lighting. The lamp and the colorful gold foil rose are perfectly matched together, and the rose is more beautiful under the lights.

Rose Teddy Bear

Rose teddy bear is 10 Inch, it’s made of foam inside, outside is pink artificial roses, with cute ribbon, and some comes with lights, which gives the flower bear more vivid color. It’s so cute and soft. It comes in a transparent gift box and comes in various colors.

Crystal Photo Rectangle

Great Gifts for dad from wife, son or daughter to celebrate dad. Upload your favorite photo with dad and the designers will transform it in to a beautiful 3D crystal photo image. Innovative laser technology creates a beautifully detailed image inside your crystal. 3D engraving method adds depth and motion, creating the 3D photo effect. When you view your personalized crystal from the front, you’ll see a realistic 3D image. View it from the back, and your engraving will come to life in a stunning optical illusion that appears to follow your gaze. Avoid photos taken from a bird’s eye view or other unusual angles. For the best results the photos may need to be slightly altered from the size or position of your image to make it a better fit.

Coffee mugs

And then there is always the go-to gift is there, which is a coffee mug. You can either personalize it or buy as it is. Coffee mugs are great simple gifts for all occasions.

Electronics items

According to a research, the most popular and most wanted gift items are the electronics items like Apple or Samsung brands. But they are always expensive though!

Gift Cards

Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date. It’s an easy way to gift someone. But it’s not so creative……

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