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Must-have fridge product

Do you love organizing? Are you one of the coolest person who loves smart home objects? Then you are at the right place!

Have you heard of FridgeEZY? It’s an over the fridge organizer, new to the market place. You can store almost everything in it, those items which occupies space in your counter-top can be neatly stored away in it. Right from cutting boards to honey bottle, right from utensils to your valuable iPad, everything can be stored in FridgeEZY.

One can watch cool videos or slide through your favorite recipes by placing your Smartphone or iPad in the transparent pouch. Yes, this pouch is touch sensitive and so you can scroll through your videos from outside the pocket itself.

It was invented by one of the housewife mom just like one of you, who wanted an organizer to put it on top of the fridge and thus use the free space available in kitchen. By buying this in their website, you are helping a small business owner!

What is FridgeEZY?

It’s an over-the-fridge storage organizer hanging on the sides of the fridge. It’s made of heavy-duty durable Oxford material. It’s waterproof. It’s useful to store items like iPad tablet, utensil, cutting boards, spice bottles, jam or honey bottles, aluminum foil box and ziplock box. It’s very useful for small spaced apartments to have a storage organizer nearby, on the fridge, while cooking busy in the kitchen. Also, by placing your iPad tablet in the transparent pocket provided in FridgeEZY, you can watch your favorite videos in a safe and cleaner way. Cutting boards can be stored in the pocket provided in FridgeEZY. The items on counter-top can be stored away in it.

Items that can be stored in FridgeEZY are:

  • iPad tablet or other tablets or any smartphone
  • Cutting boards (big or small)
  • Utensils sets (Spatulas)
  • Soup cans
  • Recipe books
  • Spice bottles
  • Jam bottles
  • Honey bottles
  • Ziploc bags
  • Aluminum foil boxes
  • Cutlery sets (Spoons, forks)

There are totally 8 rows of 30 pockets in FridgeEZY. It provides plenty of Storage in Kitchen.

That’s all for today from “COOL TIPS ON GADGETS OR PRODUCTS.” Meet you all again in my next blog with another cool gadget.

So what are you waiting for my friends? Go grab a FridgeEZY soon.

You can buy it from these websites: or

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